the routes

to each his own everest

The routes of the Tour des Stations cross the enchanting landscapes of the Valais and the Swiss Alps, from the vineyards to the high mountains, passing through natural pastures, small authentic villages and internationally recognized resorts

On a day "The TDS Fondos 

For the sportsmen, four courses according to the form and the objectives of the season offering distance, strong difference in altitude and passes out of category, of which the henceforth legendary pass of Lein (1685m), Thyon 2000 (2'090m) and pass of the Cross-of-heart (2'174m).

the bambinofondo coop

For children who want to get acquainted with the atmosphere of the Tour des Stations, before tackling the big ones in a few years...

Over several days "The Ultimates 

For the adventurers, two ultra-endurance courses on mythical distances without assistance and in semi-autonomy. Day or night, the different reboost stations placed every 100km offer the possibility to refuel, repair your bike, take shelter, sleep, shower or change clothes.)

Daring to set this ultimate goal is a real life project, a real quest
of a personal and physical path, where the time and the ranking do not matter.

More info to come by the end of 2024.

Our Virtualfondo routes with Rouvy

For the long winter months, thanks to our partnership with Rouvy, take advantage of our incredible virtual playground to sweat to the rhythm of the main climbs of the Tour des Stations from your living room or garage, and prepare yourself for the next edition.