Participants must be in good health and properly trained. Unlike French races, a license and / or a medical certificate is not required to participate in cyclosportive events in Switzerland.
However, the organization strongly recommends that participants see a doctor to confirm their ability to perform this type of effort.
Each participant must have their own insurance (accident and third party liability insurance), covering bodily injury and material damage on Swiss territory.

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Biological check-up “Tour des Stations”

Our partner Unilabs offers you a mini biological assessment established by a sports doctor. The report brings together the crucial tests that have been scientifically validated for their correlation with the performance and safety of sports practice in an endurance context.

To benefit from this test at the preferential price of CHF 100.- incl. Tax, all you need to do is make an appointment at a Unilabs Center and complete this “Form – Tour des Stations Report“.
N.B. The payment is to be allocated directly in cash to the chosen Unilabs Center.


Results interpretation
The Report will make it possible to analyze the following key points:

  • Blood count II: blood count to confirm the correct adaptation of the hematocrit to exercise. Too low a hematocrit limits endurance, too high a hematocrit can be dangerous.
  • Cystatin C: a marker of renal function not affected by muscle mass or creatine intake. An elevation may mean a decrease in kidney function. The test should be done if there is no inflammation or thyroid disorder.
  • Ferritin: evaluation of the iron stock essential for the formation of hemoglobin. A rise may correspond to iron overload or inflammation (in this case CRP rises). A decline shows an insufficient stock of iron.
  • CRP: marker of inflammation; CRP must be low to correctly interpret ferritin and is used to detect the presence of micro-inflammation.
  • Lives. B12: also used to synthesize hemoglobin, which is often deficient especially in certain diets.

Unilabs laboratories provide you – via the BIOCHECK UP program – with a complete range of assessments, a large part of which can be used for monitoring the athlete’s nutritional balance.


Le Tour des Stations is proud to count on Enervit as a nutrition partner. Enervit is the partner of the biggest sporting events, such as the Maratona dles Dolomites, Nove Colli or Vasaloppet, and sportsmen, such as the UAE Team Emirates of the recent winner of the Tour de France, Tadej Pogačar, or Trek Segafredo.

Find out more about Enervit below and its refueling strategy for our routes.


Enervit. Science in Nutrition
There is no success without commitment. There is no achievement without work. And for more than 40 years we have worked to support athletes, at any level, to help them improve their performances. Training alone is not enough. This is what Science says.

Science is what we believe in
Science in Nutrition has always been what our motto. This has made us pioneers in the world of nutrition for athletes. So much so that in Italy, and in other countries too, Enervit is synonymous with sports Nutrition. We set the standards, and we still do, because we always want to get better. Our passion drives our determination to do our best, it leads us to take care of everything we produce, from beginning to end. Indeed, everything is made in our plants. We are very proud of our all in-house approach. Each and every Enervit product is conceived, designed, tested, manufactured and distributed by us. Our company is responsible for everything in the production chain, from conception to experimentation, from development to manufacturing, down to marketing, communication and distribution. This is how we can ensure the fulfilment of the highest quality level. Our products are all certified as doping-free by the renowned Cologne list®. And our manufacturing process fully complies with the ISO 9001 standard.

Equipe Enervit: a loyal ally
A well-done job – says Alex Zanard, a world-renowned champion whom we are proud to include among our ambassadors – requires loyal allies. We have one such ally: Equipe Enervit. An independent company made up of physicians, researchers, nutrition science specialists, trainers, coaches, all people who are constantly committed to research and innovation. An expert team that works with athletes and supports them in their achievements and that has helped us write a new chapter in the history of sports nutrition and supplementation. Before, during and after sport.

Champions of the past and champions of today
In the course of all these years Enervit, thanks to the precious contribution by Equipe Enervit, had the honour of contributing to the achievements of great athletes. In 1984, we made a dream come true, with the organization of the Hour Record by Francesco Moser in Mexico City. This outstanding goal was made possible thanks to great innovations in the cycling world, new training methods and revolutionary nutritional strategies. Enervit also provided its support to Reinhold Messner while he was climbing 14 mountains over 8,000 metres without oxygen. And for more than 30 years we have provided medical and nutritional advice to the Giro d’Italia. Our ambassadors are Miguel Indurain, Davide Cassani, Stefano Baldini and Alex Zanardi, very well known in the sports arena. Our elite athletes include Sofia Goggia, Federico Pellegrino, Friederik Van Lierde, Daniel Fontana, the athletes of the Italian cycling national teams, the athletes of the Italian cross-country skiing, biathlon and ski mountaineering national teams. And many others in Italy and abroad.

Today Enervit is proud to be Ironman Europe’s Official Nutrition Partner for five years starting from 2018. In the words of Alberto Sorbini, Enervit CEO: “the fulfilment of a great dream. Our company has now the opportunity to make its products and the underlying nutritional strategies known to the many Ironman athletes in Europe”.

One goal after the other
Hard work is rewarded. But whenever we achieve a goal, we start thinking of the next one. Science. Research, Innovation and Total Quality are the lights that guide us in our way forward. Our company believes in the values of sport. And this spirit is shared by our staff made of 226 employees who work in the two manufacturing facilities in the hills surrounding Lake Como or in the corporate headquarters located in Milan. Enervit is sports nutrition market leader in Italy, while in Spain and Sweden we rank first in endurance sports nutrition. We are also important reference points in the markets in many other European countries.


Le Tour des Stations and SPORT QUEST have joined forces to offer you quality training advice to meet the challenge you have set for yourself. Four sports professionals created SPORT QUEST, out of a passion for accompanying their clients in their endeavours and communicating to them the true beauty of training. 

Their concept is not only about the pleasure of practicing sports, but also about what training can bring to each individual. It is about choosing a personal quest and realising goals thought to be inaccessible until now. You have registered for the Tour des Stations, and Virginie Perizzolo Pointet, trainer at SQ and former pro cyclist, will give you monthly advice to put the odds in your favor.


#fastandfemale is a promotional project which aims to generate enthusiasm in women for cycling. One of the measures is in particular the promotion of women in cyclosportives.

It is with this common goal that the Tour des Stations and #fastandfemale have teamed up to offer an incentive offer of 30% off all entries by women on the course of their choice. All you need to do is register as a member on the platform here and when registering write down your member number in the statement in question. The reduction will take place automatically during the payment process.