Make it count !

You can make your Tour Des Stations 2019 count by doing it for charity. Make your ride even more meaningful by fundraising for a cause close to your heart! Did you know that as a fundraiser you can raise 20 times more than a single donor? Start fundraising today !

How does it work ?

  • Simply click on the “Fundraise” button below to visit our official fundraising page on GivenGain.
  • Then click on “Start Fundraising” to register your project in as little as 30 seconds.
  • Once you are set up, share your new fundraising project link with everyone you know to ask for donations!

Need a hand setting up your fundraising project? Download our step-by-step guide or contact GivenGain, our fundraising partner, at fundraising@givengain.com. #enroutelesamis!